Private Vs. Group Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons vs. Group Tennis Lessons – All You Need to Know

The dilemma of choosing the right tennis plan can be solved by knowing the benefits and the rates of private and group lessons.

Private lessons are more costly. They run from $65 to $85 per hour (depending on the location). You can expect more from a one on one workout because you get more information and hit a lot more balls than in a group situation that will yield faster results. Group lessons go for $15 to $35 per session. Usually, the ratio of coach to players is 1 to 6, but some drills or “cardio” classes may have a larger number of participants. You may not get the one on one attention of a private lesson, but you can still get a vigorous workout, team play comradeship and lots of fun.

Tennis lessons are considered a luxury by many, multiple private lessons can be difficult to budget. Therefore, a combination of the two programs can be just as beneficial and easier to manage.

One private lesson a week plus a group session is a sufficient tennis program and will cost you about $85, and it should go along with lots of practice.