“I’m Very Impressed with some of your juniors”
– Tommy Tucker (former coach of Jimmy courier) complemented Gabe in Mission Hills during his tennis clinic.

“You have a great junior program”
– said by Jose Higueras (former coach of Pete Sampras) to Gabe in Palm Springs Family event.

“Your student has excellent technique”
– commented the father of A.T.P Player, Fernando Verdassco, about Gabe’s protege (at U.C.L.A.).

“To say I’m enjoying my tennis lessons and appreciating the results is an understatement. Gabe has the unique ability to convey those technical aspects so very effectively in a manner that resonates.”
– Elizabeth

“He has a knack to zero in on details and can make immediate changes to a player’s game.”
– Eferim

“He has so many important qualities that other coaches don’t.”
– Brian

“Gabe is an extremely dedicated professional.
He loves to work with children and cares for them deeply.”

– Katrina

“Bar none, the best instruction in tennis.”
– Daniel