Why isn’t the U.S.A. producing new tennis champions?

A few months ago, when practicing at the Cheviot Hills tennis courts, I noticed two highly-skilled players on the adjacent court.  Impressed with their athletic finesse, I decided to approach them; I needed to know who these eye-catching players were.  As I got closer, I was surprised to find that one of the players was […]

The Seven Ingredients in the Making of a Professional Tennis Player

If you are a parent entertaining the idea that your child may become a professional tennis player one day, you may find the following advice very helpful. On the outset, I’m going to make a statement that some of you might find realistic, eye-opening and painful.  If you are planning a professional tennis career for […]

Private Vs. Group Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons vs. Group Tennis Lessons – All You Need to Know The dilemma of choosing the right tennis plan can be solved by knowing the benefits and the rates of private and group lessons. Private lessons are more costly. They run from $65 to $85 per hour (depending on the location). You can […]

Grunting In Tennis

At a recent training camp during the lunch break, I was approached by a middle-aged woman. She said, “I would like my son to take lessons from you. I have seen your work with children and I know that you are a very good coach”. And then came the but, “but I don’t like the […]

Tennis Parents

THE TEN BIGGEST MISTAKES COMMITTED BY THE “TENNIS PARENTS”   Tennis coaches will vary with their teaching techniques and ideology. However, they all share one similar “nightmare” known as the “Bad Tennis Parents”. Raising championship kids is a very demanding job. Most parents are unprepared to meet the demands of raising a champion, and will […]