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Magic Tennis Philosophy

Unlike any other individual or team sport, tennis is a “sport for life.” You can start learning the game as young as two and play well into your nineties. The benefits of taking up tennis are endless. It provides a combined aerobic and anaerobic exercise while enjoying it, it stimulates the brain, it promotes new friendships and even helps finalize lots of business deals. Competition is available for any age group at local, national and international levels, tennis courts and partners are easy to find and tennis programs are available through parks and recreation, U.S.T.A. and many tennis clubs.

“Once a tennis player – Always a tennis player” :there are more “diehards” in tennis than any other sport. Playing at seventy or even eighty is not unusual and believe it or not, the U.S.T.A. holds a national championship for men 90 and over. More professionals come out of retirement in tennis than any other athletes and the ones that do retire eventually join the senior tour. This unique attraction to the sport can be compared to a drug dependency. Once you’ve drank this “Magic potion” of tennis it will be hard to shake off the cravings.

The greater involvements with the sport the more rewarding it becomes, and the rewards are all those “Magic moments” created on the tennis court. Tennis yields “Magic moments” at any level: hitting the ball at the first time, taking the first lesson, winning the first trophy, getting sectional or national ranking, or receiving tennis scholarship. Improvement of self esteem, gaining popularity and earning bragging rights go along with some of these wonderful and memorable experiences in a tennis player’s life.

As a tennis player and coach for over forty years, I had my share of these wonderful moments. Among the highlights of my “Magic moments” as a coach were the success stories of some students with learning disabilities such as autism, a.d.h.d. and physical handicaps. After being turned away by other coaches, recommending other sports, I welcomed them to my tennis program only to see them turn into highly skilled players, able to participate in competition in a respectable manner and even achieve sectional ranking. This challenging task was more than worth the effort and it brought joyful “Magic moments” to everyone involved, parents, child and coach alike.

The most important assignment of a coach is to teach people to love the sport. It requires a masterful balancing approach to teaching proper skills and keeping it fun simultaneously. The more accomplished the skills, the more fun it is, the more attractive the sport becomes and inevitably more “Magic Tennis” to be rewarded.

Although you may not experience Magic in its traditional way, no disappearing elephant act on the tennis court or no tennis balls turning into rabbits, tennis has a lot of magic in store for you. All those special “feel good” memorable moments created on the court are priceless and the word “Magic” describes them the best.