Welcome to the Tennis Factor!

Unlike any other individual sport, tennis plays a major “factor” in our lives. You can start learning the game as young as two and play well into your nineties (my youngest student is 4 years old and the oldest is 98).

The benefits of taking up tennis are many. It provides a combined aerobic and anaerobic exercise, stimulates the brain, promotes new friendships, and you can even finalize business deals over a game of tennis.

We offer the best private tennis lessons and training services in Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA.

Competition is available for any age group at local, national, and international levels, tennis courts and playing partners are easy to find and programs are available through parks and recreation, U.S.T.A. or any tennis club.

There are more “diehards” in tennis then in any other sport, playing at seventy or eighty is not unusual, in fact the U.S.T.A. holds the national championships for men over ninety.

More professionals come out of retirement in tennis than in any other sport, the ones that do retire eventually join the senior tour. They are a living proof of the expression “once a tennis player, always a tennis player”.

The involvement with the sport can be very rewarding, winning tournaments, earning scholarship, getting national ranking are only a few of life shaping “factors”.

As a coach for over forty years it has been my honor and privilege to take part in helping tennis enthusiasts fulfilling their dreams. All the recreational, high school, college players and ranked juniors, even if I was a tiny catalyst in reaching their goals, it was well worth it and it played a major “factor” in my life as well.

This site is a tribute to all these success stories.

Look forward to next year with the release of my new book!